‘Little Paul’, ‘Nutsy’ gunned down

Paul Eulette

The murder tally in St. James has surpassed the 330-mark with two days left in the 2017 calendar year.

The Green Pond main road and Hart Street were among the crime scenes for busy detectives as hoodlums continued their killing spree.

Forty-two-year-old Paul Eulette, also known as ‘Little Paul’, unemployed of Hart Street, and 47-year-old Norman Graham, otherwise known as ‘Nutsy’ of a Green Pond address, were the men whose lives were snuffed out.

The densely populated Hart Street, near the centre of the city, was the scene of a daring murder on Wednesday evening which left ‘Little Paul’, a well-known figure, dead.

Information is sketchy but the Western Mirror understands that about 6:45 p.m., ‘Little Paul’ was standing along the roadside in his community when he was pounced on and shot and killed by unknown assailants.

“Little Paul’, who was allegedly shot at in the same area just over three weeks ago, was found on the roadway with several gunshot wounds to the upper body.

The shooting sent residents scampering for cover.

Meanwhile, as the killings continued, another alleged feud involving a family member is said to be the cause of the killing of  ‘Nutsy’ along the Green Pond main road on Saturday night.

The Western Mirror has been informed that shortly before 9 p.m., Graham, a popular peanut vendor, was travelling on his handcart carrying out his familiar run, when on reaching the Green Pond crossing, he was attacked and shot up by unknown assailants.

He was reportedly struck multiple times in the head.

The cart he was pushing with his peanuts raced down the hill following the killing.

Graham, a father of two, was well-known to residents in and around the Green Pond area as well as Cornwall Court Housing Scheme, where he provided peanuts on a daily basis.


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