See better. Learn better

Making social impact through improving children’s vision Rosalee D. Wood - rosawwesternmirror@gmail.com The See Better. Learn...

Rose Heights tense

Controversial police killings spark protest Barrington Flemming - Staff Reporter Despite the Independent Commission of Investigation, INDECOM,...

Four straight for Green Pond

With the odds firmly stacked against them this year, the Gregory Daley-coached Green Pond defied the odds to clip the previously undefeated Bogue 1-0 in a tantalizing match-up, the first game of the double header played at the UDC field.

Education and Tourism the future of Truro

Tyrone Guthrie thinking beyond handouts Rosalee D. Wood (rosawwesternmirror@gmail.com) The community of Truro in Westmoreland, came...

Murderous St. James

The other victims are 20-year-old Vardian Banton, otherwise called ‘Jason’ of Robert Reid Drive, Glendevon; twenty-nine-year-old Conrad Lawrence, otherwise called ‘Forty’of Belfont, Catadupa; 37-year-old Suzette Reid, vendor of Lindo’s Hill, Whithorn, Westmoreland and an unidentified man, also of Belfont.

Tourism giving back

In the year 1983, Gary Robinson took his first trip to Jamaica, where he stayed in Negril, which has been his vacation destination ever since.

Ready, set, go! But…

Barrington Flemming - Staff Reporter A new school year begins today with the Ministry of Education (MOE) Region Four, beaming...

Gordon takes his talents to Jersey

Noelita Lawrence-Ricketts - Staff Reporter Hillside, New Jersey in the United States, has been the home of talented young basketballer...

Dying to breathe

A resident of Ramble, Hanover, Anna Kay explained to the Western Mirror that after her mother died three years ago, she fell ill, and realized that she started having difficulties breathing. She was subsequently taken to the Cornwall Regional Hospital for diagnosis and treatment, where she first learnt of what had been affecting her.

Electrician shot dead

Gunmen shot and killed a man in the community of Glendevon on Saturday, as gun crimes continue to dominate the crime profile of the parish, which has seen 82 murders since the start of the year, 24 more than the 58 recorded for the corresponding period last year.