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Michael Nattoo It’s been a while since we’ve settled in and simply had a conversation, and it seems you have the time...

Bartlett to review Tourism Security Audit Report

Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett, has announced that he will be reviewing the report on the intensive island-wide security audit of the sector soon. The audit was carried out by the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) with support from well-known international security expert, Dr. Peter Tarlow.

ATL expands product line-up with LG

Appliance Traders Limited (ATL) has revealed a new business partnership with international industry innovator, LG. The partnership was officially announced at the PSOJ Members Mingle on Thursday, June 27, at the ATL Showroom in Montego Bay.

Somerton, Rose Hall challenges being addressed

Councillors Mark McGann and Anthony Murray, representing the Somerton and Rose Hall Divisions respectively at the St. James Municipal Corporation, have declared that going forward, serious attention will be given to resolving the infrastructural challenges being faced by citizens in the divisions.

Film Commissioner says Sprinter release represents new era in Jamaican film

Film Commissioner Renee Robinson has said that the local opening of filmmaker Storm Saulter's second feature film, Sprinter, heralds a new era in Jamaican film, and shows that locally made content can be displayed on the island and appeal to Jamaican audiences. 

Abigail Hewitt’s Abii Paris

Rashaun Stewart - Summer Intern The establishment of a business independent of any support systems is a daunting task for...

Trelawny solid waste transfer station gets approval

Executive Director of the NSWMA, Audley Gordon, says that the station will serve as an area where trucks can deposit solid waste prior to being loaded onto larger vehicles and transported to designated disposal sites.

Young bartender dies in crash

Another motorist fell prey along the black spot area of the Rose Hall main road in Montego Bay on Sunday, when the life of a young man was snuffed out in a motor vehicle collision, while four other persons were admitted to hospital in serious condition.

‘BG’ off to China

Britney Gregory out of Felicity Road in Glendevon, St. James, will be among the more than dozen Under-14 ladies, getting off to the Asian country, China, where they will spend two months participating in a development camp under the watchful eyes of key instructors from that country.

Shynetyme and LA Lewis set to collaborate

LA Lewis, the man known for his many iconic moments on, and even before the prominence of social media, has taken an interest in Montego Bay-born female DJ, Nordia Noble, more popularly known as Shynetyme